Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Essential Tips For a Great Wedding Reception

After the engagement, couples-to-be are faced with a million questions of when and where their wedding will take place. Unlike in the past today’s wedding reception options are infinite. Whether you go for an outdoor or indoor reception be wary of the following tips for having a great wedding reception. 

 Roomy space. Try getting a space that will fit your guest list and the wedding essentials like chairs, tables, the DJ and his band. Visit the venue and envision where every activity will take place without people stumbling on each other. 

• Great view. Consider the room decors, the walls artwork or the surrounding physical features that your visitors will see when they enter the reception. 

• Right color. Choose a site where the floor and wall décor don’t clash with your wedding theme. 

• Well-lit room. The wedding reception should have proper lighting. 

• Privacy. Choose a site where uninvited guests can’t gate-crash. 

To make sure your wedding reception choice is right, visit the venue well before your wedding date to have a clear idea of the site’s pluses and minuses. 


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